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Answer of Logic Game
Cross the River
(Jawaban Game logika - Menyeberang sungai)

This posting is the answer of Logic game-Cross the River in my posting before.
Okay, let's check the answer.
You can read the answer from right to left. ok!

1. Cross the police and burglar, then across back the police ; 2. Cross the police and first son, the across back the police and the burglar ; 3. Cross father and second son then re-cross father; 4. Cross mother and father then cre-cross father; 5. Cross police and burglar the ... Read more »
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Logic Game - Cross the River

In my leisure time, I browsed something new trough the "net" in my home.
hem... I make time for browse some logic game. Bingoo!! I got one!

This is the logic game, interesting and make me anxious. hehe..
why? because more and more You try, You'll be more anxious.
In this game, You just need to try, and there ain't error or the word "failed" for this game. if you make a mistake, it ain't be error. ok

Okay, this is the screenshot og this game.
I call it by "Cross the River". It's the flash game.
I think You feel familiar about ... Read more »
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