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My Family of AI Joined on Cone Rice Contest
My Family (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) here joined on cone rice contest that be held by DMC Laboratory at 22 May 2011.
The Chief  of our team was Mrs. Friska! with the member of team starring were...

Mrs. Dilla was an Co-Chief,
Mr. Budi as Tomato Specialist,
Mr. Ive as Pouring-er..
Mr. Peter as supervisor,
and me, just as a tester.. nyam.. nyam.. hehe

Here it's our product!

Cone Rice

(deznote version)

The Most Delicious AI Cone Rice using Mixed Bruteforce Method Haphazardly

Mixed Garden by dried tempe, fried green-beans,  tiny fish crispy!
Hottest and Craziest sauce on the
Golden Egg!
Chilli button excite your tongue to rich the top of taste!
Beautiful Fence composed of the most crispy chip ever made!

The final result adjudge that we didn't rich the champion in this contest. I think it happen because the Jury just appreciate it based only on the appearance, not based on the taste, maybe. hehe
But, although we didn't rich it, we all are very happy and after that we had dinner event in our laboratory together.

Our Chief (Mrs. Friska) and her Co-Chief (Mrs. Dilla) in the happy ending

Me (red T-Shirt) enjoy to fill left stomatch full of the delicious things!
Ow, Look! Mr. Ive is hunting a fish named WINA so seriously! Is she there? |o.O|

Hey Peter! are you just watching them eating up your allotment?

In the running out our stomatch capacity, Mr. Budi ordered us to hold on until nothing left.

"It's not important whether we win or lose,
the most important thing is when we can together and there are foods aroud us!" hehe :D

SKB212, 26 MAy 2011


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i think i am still single. it could be Ms. not Mrs
*our cone rice was the best :D

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